...Success in our financial lives also depend heavily on our abilty to Get and Stay Organized.

As a Wealth Mindsetter, I know that in order to be successful within your financial life you must be supplied with products, services and information. Therefore, I am committed to providing you with the resources that will assist you along your journey.

Key's Tips and Tricks

1st 3 Steps to Credit Repairing

1. Visit  www.annualcreditreport.com for your free credit report.  (purchase your score).

​2. Review for your report for inaccuracies.

3. Dispute and request to have inaccurate & items 7 years & older to be deleted off of your credit report.Type your paragraph here.

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...Budgeting is a necessity tool to build our way to wealth.

...Insure your life for the future generations of your family.

Taking control of your finances means taking control of your time. 

Have you ever heard the saying "Time is Money"... Well, I'm here to tell you it truly is. Time being our greatest asset holds one for the true keys to gaining and maintaining financial freedom.

Conceptualizing our abilities to build wealth depends on discipline. Disipline in all areas of our lives...especially our time. By properly scheduling our time not only are we more organized, once we learn the principles of time management we also become more balanced in our thinking [less stressed or pressed] giving us the clear vision of what our financial success looks like.

Keeping track of your time helps you to monitor your income and expenses. -Shynna Key

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Wealth Mind-setting Resources & Tools


​Real Estate is an Asset & a Wealth Building tool. Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell your home or to Buy a home or an Investment Property?

Real Estate Agent, Key have you covered when in need to get the keys or by gaining capital gains when you need to get rid of a property key!  

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Insure your life...secure your future.

Insurance not only protect you, it secures the future generations of your family.

Protect your financial wealth.

When the inevitable happens what will happen to the financial security of your family?

In my new book entitled Wealth is a Mindset, I highlight various reasons to ensure that your family is financially protected from debt, funeral costs, unexpected expenses and such when the inevitable happens. Unfortunately, there are many that feel as though insurance is not important until death strikes close; which may hinder the growth potential of financial benefits that may be associated with an insurance plan or policy...[the cost of waiting].

Looking at how important your financial role is within your family and the burden that would be placed upon your loved ones in the event they no long have the benefits of your income should be a key reasons for you to consider contacting a qualified insurance representative today.

Give your family the gift of financial protection.

 -Shynna Key

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Don't Want to Do it Yourself?  No Problem.

​We provide you with the tools that you need to analyze your credit.  We monitor your reports and identify any potential errors that could potentially affect your credit negatively and correct those items.  You do not have to worry about drafting or sending your letters or negotiating with the credit bureaus.  We take care of that for your through our comprehensive document services.  All you have to do is watch your credit scores improve.