Program Focalpoints

  • Acknowledging & taking responsibility for your current financial position.

  •  Understanding that building wealth is an art of discipline.

  • Education is the key to your financial wellness.

  •  Tools & Savings Resources can help guild your way.

  • The importance of multiple streams of income.

  •  Assets & liabilities both come at a price.

  •  Answering your financial "wake-up call".

  • Teaching your children how to budget early helps them to become wealth conscious.


Becoming a partner is designed to help create opportunities by providing areas of support or services within the scope of your organization’s purpose and to keep the Financial Wealth Building Culture alive.

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Wealth is a Mind$et

by Author Shynna Key

 As a financial realist, Shynna specializes in educating and advising based upon her fourteen years of financial experience within the Real Estate Industry, Mortgage Industry, Business Ownership and in Corporate America. She has always had the knack for encouraging others and believes that presenting information in an easy- to-understand manner helps to provide a relatable catalyst to aid in long-term wealth building success.   

Throughout the years, her advice and coaching has effectively touched many lives in the areas such as Finances, Entrepreneurship, Budgeting, Credit, Investing and Multiple Streams of Income. Therefore, as a continued committed effort Shynna Key seeks to join hands with other organizations such as yours to bridge the gap of poverty.

                       Financial & Business Empowerment Inspirational Speaker That                                                       Provides Information 

Shynna is available for seminars, workshops and speaking engagements for the now and ready audience including the youth in the areas such as financial success, how credit works, building multiple streams of income, saving, investing, assets and liabilities just to name a few.  A keynote speech can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific audience and topic.  For booking, see the contact me page.

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Coaching Programs

Book Writing Mindset Coaching Session- Calling all aspiring authors.  This is a 1 hour, one-on-one session designed to help you define your writing goals and visions by creating an action plan to get you there faster & wisely.   Once you make your investment, go to the contact me page to schedule/select a time slot. 

Credit Building Mindset Coaching SessionThis is a 30 minute session.  This session will help you boost your credit score & empower you on how credit really works.  Go to the Contact Shynna page & schedule an appointment.  Once you make your investment, go to the contact me page to schedule/select a time slot.  

Business Building Mindset Coaching Session-This is a 1 hour session.  This session will help you to get visible, to learn important techniques, key tips & tricks to landing your dream clients/customers.  Once you make your investment, go to the contact me page to 

schedule/select a time slot.   

​Financial Empire Building Mindset Strategy Program- A 4 week program to help you to define your financial goals & visions by creating an action plan to get there faster & easier.  Once you make your investment, go to the contact me page to schedule/select a time slot.  

Business Empire Building Mindset Strategy Program- A 5 week program to help you start up your business or enhance your business goals & visions by creating and executing the plan.  Once you make your investment, go to the contact me page to schedule/select a time slot.

Shift Your Income & Adjust Your W4  with a Home Base Business- Want to start a business but not sure where to start?  Want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself?  Want to minimize taxes?  Get started today!  

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All Coaching Sessions/Programs can be facilitated in a workshop format or tailored to meet the needs of an individual group.

In a poverty research study done by The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, it was determined that the official US poverty rate increased from 12.5 % in 2007 to 15.0% in 2012. Based on this and other recent statistical information regarding poverty and the maintenance of income [finances] sparks the ratification of change via relatable financial awareness and empowering through community initiatives, training and resources.

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As a continued committed effort Shynna Key seeks to join forces with organizations to assist in special outreach programs and to empower individuals  throughout the world that are seeking to change, enhance, build and maintain their financial wealth through awareness, education and Key's wealth building tips.