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“This book is awesome it even has a financial budget page where you can write and budget your income and expenses. It is very helpful.
This is a book you can read over and over!”  -January 15, 2016


Business Credit Building
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“This book is written with a step by step approach on how to achieve financial peace of mind!!! Excellent book and definitely worth buying!!! Kudos to Mrs. Key!!!”  - May 8, 2015.

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“I really like this book, it was a easy read and explained things in layman terms for everyday people like myself. I will certainly be looking for other books written by the author and hope she keeps up the great work!!”  - February 2, 2017

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyday people such as myself. Many times we don’t realize the importance of financial freedom or crisis we are in or could be in. However, using this book as a tool and start to financial wealth for years to come. Thanks for this amazing book and wealth of knowledge. Keep up and inspire more.. “ -January 26, 2017


“Wealth is a Mindset was an Awesome read. The book really speaks volume on financial freedom. I have now changed my mindset after reading this book. Its a must read! Great work Ms. Key!” -January 26, 2017

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Think Big to Get Big Results!

Take responsibility for how you think about wealth.

Generally, in every financial wealth building success situation there has to be a vision of what successful wealth actually looks like. So, first we must examine ourselves to find out what inner materials we already have and what elements are necessary to construct ‘our’ wealth framework.

With the debut of her first book entitled Wealth is a Mindset [Financial Fanatic] Shynna Key unleashes her education and experience to offer encouragement, advice, tools and tricks to help individuals become aware and empowered while on the journey of building and sustaining financial wealth.  She teaches that having a mindset of wealth helps to channel your outer actions so that you gear up for long term financial success.

For many, a positive flow of wealth comes by way of de-programming and re-programming our mental stance. As oftentimes throughout our lives many of us are taught non-cohesive thinking traits more than we are encouraged to think positively about finances and wealth—which ultimately affects our decision making process and discourage us from achieving our financial goals.

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—Shynna Key

Shares a collection of relatable financial awareness topics along with tips & tricks to encourage you to ‘think big’ when it comes to getting big results while building your empire.

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